About Mimi

Mimi Gabriel swims with a DolphinI have been blessed with the happiness gene. I call myself the happiest woman I know, and feel grateful to lead such a magical life. Growing up in Haiti, in a small home with eight siblings was challenging at times, but there was a lot of love in that house, and lots of beautiful music. I remember my parents dancing the tango and meringue in our living room. I remember us singing when we packed ourselves into the family station wagon and went to the beach every Sunday. The happy memories from my childhood still infuse my life with a sense of wonder, love, and possibility.

Although my home country is one of the poorest in the Western hemisphere and life there was often chaotic, it offered beautiful landscapes in the mountains and near the ocean. When I left home to study at the University of Madrid, I vowed to one day find an island as beautiful as Haiti that offered more stability. Many years later, while returning home from Japan, my husband and I stopped in Hawaii and we fell in love with the paradise islands. We are now happy to call Maui our home. How could I not be the happiest woman I know? I live a dream life! I feel grateful for the opportunity to share the secrets of living joyfully with others.

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